Rewards enhance motivation.  At Excelonz, our aim is for children to find fun and enjoyment in practice, which sets them on the path of self-motivation.

Our online practice sessions have in-built challenge with different levels to be crossed. For each correct answer and each level progressed, children earn Excelonz reward points.

What’s more, once a child has achieved the minimum topic coverage level, he earns a Learner Badge for that topic; so that makes over 200 Learner Badges that a child can earn.

But it’s really the Master Trophies that the children love. Getting one of those is a ‘toughie’; you can only earn a Master trophy by reaching the highest possible level of a topic, and that is no mean task.

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The amazing part is that in the quest for these Master trophies and badges, children learn to apply their learning to progressively tougher questions, and in the process, raise the bar on their performance and potential constantly.

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