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Unlimited Practice

 Allow your child to do unlimited practice alone or with friends. Every assessment session tests for concept grasp, speed, and accuracy. There are no limits to the number of assessments your child can attempt in every topic.

 From our huge question bank, all practice modules use different question types across multiple levels of difficulty to help build higher order thinking skills. After all, practice makes perfect.


Revision is really like the cement that binds learning and improves recall! With timed practice test or just a lot of practice questions behind them, our children make every test a " Great Test". With flexibility to choose from a single or multiple topics - now revise as many times as you like and be always ready for "that" class test.

Play Off

 Competition is always healthy and practicing alone boring. So we brought in some Play Off time for children to practice with their friends or peers around the globe – Online, real time, same practice set of questions. Here again it’s unlimited! So if your child is in the mood to compete online amongst chosen peers – Play Off gives that extra competitive edge to excel. In a way, this is like taking online tests along with friends and to see which one of them scored the highest.


 Know your child’s strengths and weaknesses early on and don’t need to worry about trying to fix gaps with extra coaching & tutoring. Our simple but detailed reports are designed to give parents and teachers insights into children’s performance and potential, enabling them to create the right base and pace for effective progress planning.


Earning rewards is important to keep your child’s motivation intact. With hundreds of badges and trophies to be won and unlimited Excelonz reward points to collect, it’s really no surprise that children want to practice endlessly!


In an ongoing era where academic excellence is generally always an outcome of burning the midnight oil, memorizing, revising and re-memorizing all concepts, Excelonz gives the students a refreshing opportunity. The children will enjoy the ability to practice, learn more than just theoretical fundamentals, increase memory span through repeat practice. The Play Offs and Practice sessions will challenge and motivate them to do better in a manner that learning becomes fun and reward oriented. They will want to come back and practice some more!
Manish Jaiswal
Senior Director
CRISIL Risk & Infrastructure Solutions Limited
I think Excelonz.com with its repository of streamlined worksheets for students satiates the rather aching, tacit need for practice modules devised specially in keeping with the curriculum of Indian schools. The content of the website serves as a virtual aptitude-o-meter: helping parents and their children glean out the important aspects of topics, understand concepts better and hone the thinking process of the kids. As it is, the focus of our education needs to be on fostering the thinking process, rather than championing grades. Excelonz.com comes in at the right time.
Shilpi Madan
Contributing Editor
Child Magazine